Here’s a brief intro for those who are newly following the Treadway road trip chronicles: For Sarah Treadway (President & Co-CEO of Magnolia Hotels), re-planning her family’s summer vacation a few months back was a no brainer. As the COVID-19 pandemic’s damaging effects on the hospitality industry became increasingly clear and the company furloughed hundreds of valuable team members, Sarah felt a deep desire to connect with & support the remaining few team members on property who are keeping our hotels safely open for business. Sarah & her husband, Shea, quickly hatched a major road trip plan: pack up their four children, their South African au pair, and enough supplies in a 32’ trailer for an eight-week trek across America to visit each of the six Magnolia Hotels!

After a magical weekend at Green Acres (a glamping farm just east of Austin), the Treadways made it to Houston. Thank you to Brad Otts for the hospitality! Check the farm out at

For Week 3 of the Treadway adventures, Houston showed off with a sunny 93 degrees every day. The traveling group went to the Houston Zoo, helped the Magnolia team out with more laundry, played pool in the lounge, and Sarah caught up with each team member.

The Houston Zoo is a must do for every Houston visitor. In addition to the animals, this zoo has vast gardens and green space, which make it unique. The Treadways were also lucky enough to visit just 4 weeks after Nelson the baby elephant was born – what a treat to see the “little” 400 lb. baby!

Unfortunately, the Treadways couldn’t bring the police or fire stations any meals as they aren’t currently accepting any donations in Houston. Maybe next road trip!

Right now, the city feels vibrant as the restaurants are all open and weather is great. Magnolia’s recent renovation reflecting the original use of the building as the Post-Dispatch Newspaper headquarters draws guests in with the calming cool colors. The new corridor carpet depicting the golden maps of the bayou served as fun entertainment for the Treadway littles to play “hopscotch” down the hotel’s hallways.

Next up on the road trip: Magnolia New Orleans.

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