About Stout Street Hospitality

An award-winning hotel management company, Stout Street Hospitality offers a distinct contrast to the status quo by vividly bringing our unique perspective to every project. We Make Hotels that Feel Good. We make hotels that you want to own, people want to stay in and we want to work in. We make hotels that are a favorite among a wide spectrum of guests and partners alike. In addition, Stout Street’s market and financial performance abilities exceed that of most competitors throughout the industry. We consistently run 80% rooms margins at our hotels, and we can at your hotel also.


Managing hotels since 1993, Stout Street Hospitality is a fourth generation family business. Throughout our history, we have developed six Magnolia-branded hotels, converted one branded hotel to an independent and three others from independent hotels to soft brands. We have also managed properties for two major brands, as well as two independent hotels ranging in size from 55 – 327 rooms. Most recently, we have successfully produced the results needed by the owners to turn around two hotels in less than three years so the owners could sell.