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Giant Gingerbread Village At Omaha’s Magnolia Hotel Drives Business

Pssst, There’s Some Serious Star Power Drawing Stares And Stirring Excitement In The Lobby Of Downtown Omaha’s Magnolia Hotel.

Making a guest appearance for the fourth holiday season in a row is a giant staff-created gingerbread village. This year’s special touch is an 8-foot “mostly” edible tree topped with a 13-pound sugar star.

A dozen sweet buildings surround the tree, which is covered with 65,000 green and multicolored stars squeezed by hand from a pastry bag. On top of that are 335 chocolate reindeer and other cookie ornaments.

The display that took the staff 320 hours to make has become a tradition with a bonus: It’s attracted more business, General Manager Tim Darby said.

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