Sales and Marketing

Stout Street’s sales and marketing offerings are a cut above the rest. In today’s marketplace, aligning properly with the global distribution system (GDS) and a mastery of “conversation commerce,” including OTA negotiation, creative revenue management, online reputation management and social media influence, is imperative for any competitive property to thrive. At Stout Street, modern booking technology is not “isolated” from sales and marketing, it is cohesive in the fabric of every effort.

Including a national sales office for procurement and corporate sales, we develop a strategic sales team on property to assure maximum sales efficiency. A quick login to sales software lets you know what’s in the pipeline and accurately depend on revenue forecasts. A great sales team needs a great communication support strategy. Content distribution, email marketing, social media strategies and online review management are all part of Stout Street’s business plan for you. With average rooms profit of 80% in each market, our properties are some of the most enviable in the country.